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A product that wins people over.


“Until now, high-bay luminaires have been regarded more as purpose illumination, which is why BEAM for me represents a small revolution: BEAM now shows a hall, be it an industrial hall, a trade fair hall or a shopping hall, in an entirely different light. With BEAM, it becomes possible to create an individual play of light, with BEAM you can emphasise features. Thanks to BEAM, for example, shopping becomes a true experience. BEAM can also be integrated perfectly into architecture and is a highlight in itself thanks to its form. I like the shape and technology, which was developed and realised in-house just for BEAM. The luminaire has a modern look, in part thanks to its fresh and trendy colour, chamois.”

Stefano Marino, Sales Manager

BEAM – five convincing reasons.

  1. Innovative technology in unique design
  2. Precise light guidance for a broad area of use
  3. Ideal light output
  4. Long-lasting, low-maintenance, robust
  5. Trend-setting high-bay luminaire


  • The compact design separates the cooling and lighting functions into two cubes
  • The rounded cubes integrate round and square reflectors, equally and ideally
  • The rhythmically arranged cooling fins do not accumulate dust and are easy to clean without impairing the cooling capacity
  • The printed glass closes the body by means of four cardan seals, enabling easy replacement of key components
  • The colour selection is restrained, warm and modern


  • The passive cooling system specially developed for BEAM is low maintenance, silent and energy efficient
  • Thanks to the clever heat sink, BEAM can easily be used with temperatures of –40°C to +45°C


  • With its 32,000 lm, BEAM replaces projectors with 400 W high intensity discharge lamps
  • BEAM with 16,000 lm is suitable for rooms with average room height
  • The luminance is achieved by an efficient reflector and a single LED light source
  • Up to 140 lm / W system efficiency


  • Depending on the room height and lighting concept BEAM features either a narrow, wide or asymmetrical radiation angle
  • The symmetrical light distribution is available in square or round
  • An efficiency of more than 95 % is achieved with the precise reflectors


  • The pivoting bracket allows for levelled installation on ceilings and walls
  • On horizontal ceilings, the particularly elegant, non-pivoting bracket can be used
  • The pendant installation is another option
  • BEAM can be easily installed by one person


  • The combination of high-quality components with a cleverly designed cooling system guarantees a long service life
  • The low-maintenance construction, IP protection, ball-impact resistance and easy-to-clean design contribute to its durability
  • The easy-to-open glass allows ideal access to the electronic components


  • Multi-purpose halls
  • Concert halls
  • Trade fair halls
  • Exhibition halls
  • Shopping centres
  • Production facilities
  • Hockey stadiums
  • Warehouse buildings
  • Stores
  • Petrol stations
  • Cargo handling areas
  • Thoroughfares