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A product that wins people over.


«EQUIP is a downlight family that sets new standards and ushers in a new generation of downlights. During its development, therefore, we didn’t rely solely on our own expertise. Instead, we also took advantage of the freedom we enjoy at Tulux. The freedom, for example, to redesign lights from scratch, to try them out – and to refine them based on our assessment. We repeated these steps until were certain that EQUIP produces light in exactly the way we envisaged.»

Matthias Werner
Head of Development

EQUIP – five convincing reasons.

  1. A new generation of downlights
  2. Subtle lighting
  3. Good integration into rooms
  4. Ingenious lighting technology
  5. Subtle differentiations in light quality



  • Luminaire is concealed and looks like a recess in the ceiling
  • Surface is available in any colour
  • Standardised, simple appearance across all variants
  • Glass set back in the middle of the luminaire protects the ingenious lighting technology


  • Reflector designs can be chosen freely and changed at any time
  • Matt silver and corrugated surfaces in bronze or silver combine well with current material trends
  • Corrugated reflector gives a wavy reflection of the surroundings and takes on the colours of the room


Light guidance by the primary reflector inside the luminaire guarantees protection against dust and dirt


Thermodynamically optimised die-cast aluminium housing guarantees a long and stable operational lifetime even in the casting drum


  • Optimum glare suppression up to UGR 16
  • 3000 K / 4000 K colour rendering CRI > 90
  • 3000 K in three light qualities
  • Version with optimised light spectrum for white tones or rich colours
  • Optimised glare suppression on the reflector ensures low brightness values, resulting in absolutely glare-free lighting conditions with contrast-rich and bright surfaces


  • In combination with luminous fluxes of 1400 to 4500 lm, the applications are almost infinite
  • Each luminaire can be fitted with a self-sufficient power supply for emergency lighting


Thanks to reflectors developed and manufactured by Tulux, the luminaires achieve accurate light guidance with an efficiency of over 90 %


  • Holes correspond to standard core drill sizes
  • Tulux offers suitable tools for quick flush-mounted installation of EQUIP FLEX luminaires in suspended ceilings
  • The aluminium casting drum enables quick and accurate installation even for flush mounting in fairfaced concrete and ensures reliable thermal management