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Renovation of Stark AG, Altstätten



Tulux is not only a first-class manufacturer of custom luminaires; it also has a strong range of standard luminaires, which impress with their superior quality and reliable functionality. Each Tulux lighting collection includes a variety of models that can be ordered in different versions. The various options available enable efficient lighting concepts to be designed with the focal points maintaining a recurring theme through all the different spaces, while still fully meeting even complex illumination requirements.

The renovation of Stark AG in Altstätten is an interesting example of a project in which three Tulux lighting collections – SPIN, LEAN and EQUIP – were combined to produce an extremely successful end result. Working in close collaboration with rhv elektrotechnik ag, Tulux developed a smart lighting concept for the new reception and office spaces, the circulation areas, the meeting room and the showroom. One of the main challenges was to carry the natural light from the well-lit atrium at the entrance into the open-plan offices and communal areas alongside it. LEAN luminaires were selected to achieve this, as they offer all the benefits of a homogeneous and fully radiant light. They enabled a sophisticated “light bridge” to be created between the atrium and the offices.


Luminaires that impress visually as well as with their lighting quality
As Fabian Seitz, project manager at the time for rhv elektrotechnik ag in Altstätten, explained, it was a major concern for the building owner, as well as for him as the electrical engineer, to find the right luminaires for the building – ones which would not only impress visually, but also ensure perfect lighting conditions. The LEAN range stood out as the ideal choice as it offered optimal direct illumination as well as even, indirect light distribution, ensuring soft lighting that recreates the effect of daylight. Attention to detail was particularly important throughout the entire project. For example, the SPIN model used over the meeting tables in the open-plan offices is a completely different type of luminaire to that used over work stations. This creates an intentional variation in the lighting moods. The EQUIP downlights are another eye-catching feature in the new entrance and reception area. They provide optimal illumination for the distinctive and spacious seating area, which offers a comfortable welcome to customers.

«Our collaboration with Tulux worked superbly. We received the lighting calculation and the visualisation within a very short period of time and the building owners were also extremely impressed by this.»

Fabian Seitz, former project manager at rhv elektrotechnik ag

“Our contact at Tulux was their experienced lighting consultant Roger Hutter,” explained Fabian Seitz. “Once I received the contract from the building owners at Stark to start developing proposals for the lighting concept, I contacted him immediately. After the project meeting, we received two different proposals, from Tulux and another competitor, which we presented to the client. Tulux offered the more convincing solution and, as soon became clear, also impeccable project planning.” Seitz went on to explain that they received a full lighting calculation, including a visualisation, from Tulux at the earliest stage of the project and that this helped significantly in making it a successful collaboration for all those involved. All questions were answered competently at all times and they were able to rely on the Tulux team 100 % during the entire construction phase, the former rhv project manager emphasised. He has since accepted a new career challenge with a different company, where he also plans to continue working with Tulux.

Achieving sophisticated lighting with only three types of luminaire
This project focussed on using three proven standard luminaires by Tulux. In addition to being installed in the offices, slim LEAN pendulum luminaires were also used in the showroom, while eye-catching circular SPIN pendulum luminaires provide the perfect level of lighting over the meeting tables and in the conference room. EQUIP recessed luminaires radiate light in the reception area and were also installed in the circulation areas, together with space-saving LEAN wall luminaires. The overriding focus of this sophisticated concept was to provide the essential lighting needed, while still looking timeless and impressive with tasteful styling and high-quality results.

Fabian Seitz, former project manager at rhv elektrotechnik ag, will continue to work closely with Tulux at his new workplace.

«For me, Tulux means outstanding quality, visually attractive products and flexible solutions to suit every need.»