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Scuola media Caslano, Caslano

A variety of luminaires in Caslano


The municipality of Caslano in Ticino recently opened its own secondary school, which was designed by the Mendrisio-based engineering firm Elettroconsulenze Solcà SA. Lighting solutions developed by Tulux AG (Tuggen) are responsible for illuminating the new “Scuola media Caslano” secondary school, and have proven to be a hit with the whole community.

Together with the Venice-based architect Adolfo Zanetti, the engineering firm Elettroconsulenze Solcà SA devised the concept for Scuola media Caslano. The architect and the engineers consider the lighting to be a key component of creativity and architecture. The luminaire manufacturer Tulux AG drew up plans for the new secondary school‘s lighting concept based on the vision of Elettroconsulenze Solcà SA. During the planning phase the focus was on sustainable light quality, which was a priority for the engineers. The LED luminaires fulfil the technical requirements both indoors and outdoors. With typical professionalism, Tulux installed an easy-to-operate system that allows the lighting to be adjusted, automated and adapted to the time of day. These various luminaire technologies each create the right atmosphere for a range of applications by students and teaching staff. Automated luminaires ensure low energy consumption, as the lighting adapts depending on whether people are in the vicinity and the time of day.


The flexibility to achieve success
BEAM spotlights were chosen as the basic lighting in the sports hall. Thanks to their modern appearance, the durable and innovative spotlights illuminate the hall through precise light guidance. The SPIN luminaires in the cafeteria are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and have a cool, retro look. Tulux designed them so that the electrician could position them as semi-recessed lighting. ZEN luminaires were used for the outdoor lighting at the entrance; this solution was designed to suit this type of ceiling construction.


When it comes to projects that require tailored solutions, Elettroconsulenze Solcà SA is pleased to work with Tulux. Close collaboration made it possible to meet individual wishes swiftly during the construction phase. Massimo Solcà, Managing Director of Elettroconsulenze Solcà SA, has worked with Tulux for over 10 years. In particular, he and his son Mattia Solcà, who oversaw the project, appreciate the flexibility and conscientious support shown at all times:


“For us Tulux is not just a luminaire supplier; they are a reliable partner when dealing with lighting solutions of all kinds. We work together as a dynamic team, which has proven itself over many years.”

Massimo Solcà, Managing Director of Elettroconsulenze Solcà SA

Scuola media Caslano
The new “Scuola media Caslano” secondary school opened in September 2018. The students can now cycle to school for the first time and are no longer dependent on neighbouring schools. The rapid growth in the population of Caslano led to the decision to build a school especially for the municipality. Following a construction period of approximately four years, the new building in Caslano not only offers classrooms, but also meeting rooms, a versatile library and a cafeteria with a kitchen. The local sports and gymnastics clubs are also delighted with the modern sports hall.