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Vaillant Arena, Davos

Unique luminaires in Davos ice palace


Whether it is hosting Hockey Club Davos matches, the Spengler Cup or the “Art on Ice” figure skating show, the Vaillant Arena in Davos oozes international appeal. Lucerne-based architects Marques collaborated with the luminaire manufacturer Tulux from Tuggen to design a unique lighting concept that would suit the renovation of the ice arena.


Located in the centre of Davos, the Vaillant Arena is the home stadium of Hockey Club Davos and a meeting place for ice hockey fans from all over the world. Sport, architecture and lighting come together in the refurbished arena to create an utterly unique ice palace. The arena’s extraordinary roof structure, built in 1979, is recognised by fans around the world. The architecture firm Marques Architekten won the competition for the project to renovate the ice stadium. Inside the north and south wings of the building, dedicated spaces were created for restaurants, VIP guests, a Presidents’ Lounge and media representatives. The stands were extended in the east and west wings, while the four visitor sections are now served by a single entrance each. This brought the stadium up to the latest standards with regard to fire safety and emergency exit routes. At the same time, a dedicated training facility was constructed for Hockey Club Davos.

Architecturally distinctive luminaires
Using custom and standard luminaires, Tulux implemented the lighting concept created by the architects to perfection. The central idea – namely to combine and express the themes of winter, snow and ice in a luminaire – was realised thanks to the collaboration with Tulux. The luminaire manufacturer was able to fulfil the structural requirements of all the luminaires in a way that turned the architects’ vision into reality. Architect Daniele Marques praises Tulux AG as a highly reliable, professional partner for tailored lighting solutions, which consistently demonstrates an understanding of architectural preferences:

“I was greatly impressed by the team‘s commitment to bringing the project to fruition, the mutual support and collaboration and the individual customisation of the luminaires.”

Daniele Marques, architect

The elegant and dynamic icicle luminaire in the new restaurant in the north wing represents the most creative solution of the entire lighting concept. The 49 tube luminaires are made of acrylic glass, each with a small diameter of 60 millimetres. As they are of different lengths and arranged in a staggered pattern, the luminaires provide optimal lighting conditions and create a wintry atmosphere with their icicle shape. The custom luminaire reflects the architecture and its artistic identity. “It looks as though the snow that has fallen on the gable roof is melting into the public restaurant below. I like that,” says Daniele Marques. The architects’ design had an oblong shape and gave the impression of an icicle. Tulux implemented every step of the project with the utmost professionalism, from the requirements in terms of look and shape through to the project’s conclusion.

Large, simple and circular custom pendant luminaires illuminate the Presidents’ Lounge. The unobtrusive appearance of this luminaire lets the lounge bask in its own beauty. A unified lighting concept was chosen for the entrance areas and passages between the sectors, with small luminaires integrated in the ceiling. These blend in perfectly with the ceiling structure, and the even arrangement between the ceiling’s concrete beams gives the black lacquered PIXEL luminaires a subtle, restrained appearance. The ceiling luminaires are made of highly transparent glass covers and offer narrow-beam illumination due to the six-cell high-polish reflector.