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Colour palette

For the implementation of your ideas, we offer you a wide range of colours from many high-quality colours. In addition to several standard RAL colours, you can also choose from selected IGP or NCS colours. There are no limits to your creativity. We can also meet other requests for customized colour mixtures.

Use our wide range of colours. We paint our SWISS LIGHT CREATIONS according to your ideas.

RAL colour palette

RAL 1003Signal yellowRAL 6012Black green
RAL 1013Oyster whiteRAL 7016Anthracite grey
RAL 1015Light ivoryRAL 7021Black grey
RAL 1018Zinc yellowRAL 7026Granite grey
RAL 1023Traffic yellowRAL 7030Stone grey
RAL 2009Traffic orangeRAL 7035Light grey
RAL 2011Deep orangeRAL 7037Dusty grey
RAL 3000Flame redRAL 7038Agate grey
RAL 3002Carmine redRAL 7042Traffic grey A
RAL 3007Black redRAL 7043Traffic grey B
RAL 5000Violet blueRAL 8011Nut brown
RAL 5002Ultramarine blueRAL 8014Sepia brown
RAL 5009Azure blueRAL 9005Jet black
RAL 5013Cobalt blueRAL 9006White aluminium
RAL 5015Sky blueRAL 9007Grey aluminium
RAL 6004Blue greenRAL 9010Pure white
RAL 6005Moss greenRAL 9016Traffic white
RAL 6009Fir greenRAL 9022Pearl light grey
RAL 6010Grass green  

Special colours

IGP 71386A10Pearl mica anthracite
IGP GreyFine structure matt (only in powder)
RAL 9011Graphite black fine structure matt (only in powder)
RAL 9016Traffic white fine structure matt (only in powder)
RAL 9010Pure white fine structure matt (only in powder)
RAL 7037Dusty grey fine structure matt (only in powder)
RAL 9005Jet black fine structure matt (only in powder)
Clearcoatmatt, silky or glossy
NCS S 0502-G50YIndustry white
NCS S 8502-YMoor grey
NCS S 2000 NSilver grey
NCS S 4000 NPlatinum
Brass look berlacrylmatt, silky or glossy
Bronce look berlacrylmatt
Iron micalight grey matt
Iron micadark grey matt