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Custom luminaires

A high-bay luminaire with precise light guidance? A discreet and efficient downlight? A custom luminaire whose lighting and design perfects the architecture of a space? Tulux offers a wide range of luminaires with sophisticated technology and appealing design for the most diverse uses.

Tulux is also happy to develop and produce custom luminaires based on your wishes and specifications – as a decorative element, for specific spatial lighting, as a design object. Our developers are familiar with all possibilities for producing custom luminaires.


Dreaming of an innovative pendant luminaire, an extraordinary wall luminaire, a very special ceiling luminaire or a stunning free-standing luminaire? Discover the world of Tulux’s custom luminaires on our Inspiration page.


Developing a custom luminaire starts with a discussion with you: we work together to flesh out your requirements and assess all the options to make them a reality. We then provide you with a concrete proposal – and develop a prototype if required. If you are happy with the proposal or prototype, we will use it to make your very own SWISS LIGHT CREATION. You can find more details at Custom luminaires.


The development costs for a custom luminaire are charged if their development does not result in an order being placed. Development costs that lead to a delivery order for custom luminaires are part of the luminaire price. The production of prototypes is charged.

Contact the Lighting Technology Consultant in your region.

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