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Guarantee and durability

Ordering a product is one thing. But re-ordering a product is another, often tiresome one: either a successor product is offered with new specifications or the product is no longer available at all.

Tulux saves you this hassle. We develop, test and produce our standard and custom luminaires ourselves, every step of the way. So we’re also able to reproduce luminaires at any time. We also keep a large inventory. And as we prioritise the highest possible quality in development and production, we can also offer long guarantee periods for our luminaires.

Tulux makes quality products with a remarkably long service life. The electricians and planners who use our luminaires are just some of the people who attest to this. Should a luminaire become damaged, we always keep spare parts in stock – and handle the repairs ourselves, of course.

Tulux is sustainable and eco-friendly. This isn’t just part of the Swiss company’s guiding principles, it's also reflected in the products: their production quality makes Tulux luminaires extremely long lasting, and they are also made from recyclable materials. Tulux therefore allows the customer to make sustainable use of high-quality luminaires and protect natural resources.

Key guarantees at a glance:

  • The warranty for luminaires without light sources is two years.
  • The warranty for batteries is one year.
  • The warranty for LED luminaires with in-built Tulux brand modules is five years.
  • Other brand LED luminaires sold by Tulux may be subject to different guarantee periods.
  • Luminaires that were produced based on customer constructions or models are excluded from warranty if damage arises as a result of construction errors.

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