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Lighting Technology Consultants

Time, money, patience, passion: so much is invested in good projects. Good design and construction projects really ought to come into their own.

That’s exactly why our Lighting Technology Consultants are here to help. They will help you choose products and ensure timely delivery and installation, in an adept, reliable and flexible manner.



Tulux’s Lighting Technology Consultants know all Tulux products and their properties to a T. And they know the best way to use standard and custom luminaires.


Our Lighting Technology Consultants coordinate your lighting project from luminaire production and delivery to installation and commissioning. This means that you can rely on arrangements, agreements and Tulux’s reputation for quality.


Our Lighting Technology Consultants are quick to step in: they don’t just deal with your needs and coordinate the implementation of your product requirements, they can also have an impact on Tulux’s flexible production management if deliveries are slightly delayed. This means even more reliability – thanks to increased flexibility.


Contact the Lighting Technology Consultant in your region.