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Church lighting

From austere to opulent, every church is unique, so it requires an individual lighting solution

Switzerland is a country replete with churches. Many of them are heritage-listed and pose a particular challenge for architects, planners, contractors and building owners when it comes to refurbishment. Churches without protected status also require special attention, as it is important to create a harmonious interplay between the existing fabric of the building and any planned new features.

Identifying needs

As far as Tulux is concerned, working with the building owner to establish the project requirements is a key milestone in the process of finding the perfect lighting. Factoring in all such specifications is especially important for church lighting concepts. During this process, the Tulux lighting technology consultants are in close contact with the building owner, architect, lighting or electrics planner and, if necessary, with the authorities responsible for the preservation of historical monuments.


«The aim is to create needs-based church lighting that does justice to the nature of the church in question and its use requirements.»

Magnificent and eye-catching custom design

Tulux has already carried out a vast array of church lighting projects with success. It uses a wide selection of luminaires, ranging from complex bespoke products to retrofitting existing light sources, all the way through to end-toend solutions with luminaires from Tulux’s standard range. The Roman Catholic parish church of St. Ambrosius in Erstfeld is a particularly outstanding example of our accomplishment in custom lighting design.


Versatile standard luminaires

In other cases, a complete overhaul of the lighting concept is not required. Tulux can also use standard luminaires from its range to achieve specific lighting effects, as it did in a church in Hombrechtikon (ZH). The aim here was to improve illumination within the church while maintaining the same number of lighting fixtures. The newly installed lights should also require less maintenance.


Lighting effects

The Evangelical Baptist Church in Au, on the banks of Lake Zurich, presented very different circumstances again. Here, the main requirements were better illumination of the choir and the option of adjusting the installed lights so as to create different moods to suit specific events. The new tabletbased control system allows the lighting to be altered for theatre shows, concerts and the like.


With its many years of experience and wide-ranging expertise in the development, planning and installation of high-quality lighting fixtures, Tulux is a dependable partner for complex projects and custom lighting solutions.


«Church lighting should showcase the architecture of the building, while also meeting the varying requirements of the space in terms of usage, functionality and cost.»



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