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What would architecture be without light? People would overlook it. But what type of light works best?
And what state-of-the-art lighting options are available to choose from?
We will be answering these questions in a unique way – in spaces designed especially for the occasion.
At various workstations, we’ll study the different effects of light on materials and spaces. Together, we’ll find out which lighting solution best suits your vision and undertaking. 






How bright is bright? At this workstation, the focus is on the latest findings and informative experiments from the world of lighting and LED solutions. Our lighting specialists will work with you to test how effective various LED layouts are for a particular space. Find out when specific concepts are best utilised and which materials are suitable to be fitted with LEDs. Find out the true definition of white – and just how white your preferred level should be.




How can light be directed and distributed? At this workstation, you’ll discover how lenses and reflectors can be used to sculpt light, and gain an understanding of how light can be directed and distributed, and of the interplay between the two. We’ll show you directly how it works in practice on various objects and in a number of different environments.




From classic to more unusual materials like fleece and honeycomb: as one of the most important components of any lighting solution, a light screen can be made of many different (and new) materials. Which translucent materials are best used in specific scenarios? The rule of thumb: the material used to make the screen shapes the luminaire’s appearance and the light’s characteristics. At this workstation (the third one), you’ll get to test in detail how different screen materials affect the space and the way in which the space is perceived.




Stone, glass or wood: the character of a particular space is influenced both by the materials used and the manner in which these materials are illuminated. At this workstation, we’ll be looking at how light influences the perception of specific materials and surfaces. We will also focus on how to shape and configure spaces through light. We can shine the spotlight on various scenarios – conversions, new building projects, renovations – in different ways on-site. What lighting concept has caught your eye? What ideas do you have?




Try out options together with our lighting specialists
and discover the effects of light on architecture!

Eager to learn more? If so, contact your lighting technology consultant
hey will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.